Bio’s are usually written in third person, so you can brag about yourself with out being conceited. But, I assume most people realize the third person Bio was most likely written by the person who it’s about, which makes it weird. Which is why this bio is in first person. Third person talk is for really good athletes and Kayne West.

I have been a stand-up comedian since I was 17. The first time I took the stage was at my senior banquet after receiving the award for class clown. Since that fateful night I have performed everywhere you could imagine. When I first started out I would drive 3 hours from Omaha to Kansas City to perform 3 minutes at an Open Mic, because Omaha did not have one at the time.

I have slept in my car for weeks at a time going across the country. I have performed at Late night internet cafe’s on Sunset Boulevard. Dive bars in The City of Compton, The Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, Funny Bone’s and Improv’s in a plethora of different cities. I have performed for hundred’s of different corporate parties, private parties, colleges, and churches. I have went on tour and opened for famous comedians in theaters filled with thousands of people. I have also stuck my head out of a table in a buffet line, like I was a delicious dish, and told jokes to people as they got their food. (The guy totally didn’t tell me that’s what I would be doing till I got there.)

Along the way I was also on America’s Got Talent where I performed a minute and a half of stand-up after a dancing lizard, was betrayed by the judges, ripped my shirt off and challenged Piers Morgan to a fight. I have acted on Comedy Central’s Workaholics, and was a featured comedian on Comedy Central’s Adam DeVine’s House Party.

Through this 15 year journey I have also been frustrated and angry and quit serval times. The longest was about 6 months. I have closed down my websites, deleted my twitter pages and youtube channels, vowing to never do stand-up again. No matter how hard I tried to escape being a comedian, I always ended back up on stage. It’s just who I am. I never decided to be a comedian, you can’t chose something you are. It’s just something I started doing, like I was on automatic pilot.

Along for this ride, right by my side, has been my High School Sweetheart wife. We have been married for ten years. We have two wonderful children. We adopted my niece in 2007 when she was 7, and had a son in 2012. 

When I started out I was a young foul-mouthed comedian, but then I became a Christian, and slowly my act started changing into clean comedy. With a passion and desire to make people laugh and spread Gospel, I am now transitioning from performing at comedy clubs to churches.

Besides being a Comedian Austin is also the Youth Pastor for Community Of Grace Church in Elkhorn, NE.

I guess I should probably throw in a first person bio brag; I provide a hilarious and clean comedy show the whole family will enjoy, and you should book me now.

God Bless,

Austin Anderson