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Austin Anderson can connect and make any audience laugh. He makes you feel like you’ve known him your whole life. For 16 years Austin has traveled to comedy clubs, colleges, corporate events, and comedy competitions; while also making two appearances on Comedy Central, performing stand-up on "Adam DeVine's House Party" and acting on "Workaholics." He also performed live in front of 11.5 million people on "America's Got Talent.”

For corporate events and Comedy Clubs Austin provides a clean show everyone can enjoy. And for Christian Audiences Austin weaves in the Gospel and the struggles of being a Christian throughout the fabric of his comedy act.

Aside from doing stand-up, Austin also hosts a morning talk show covering world events, the absurdities of life, and the treasure of existence - all from a Gospel perspective.

The Austin Anderson Program airs live weekdays Monday through Friday from 6am to 7am in Omaha, Nebraska on 660AM and 106.5FM.