Thursday - 9/07/17

On today's program Austin ponders if Bob Dylan is a Christian and why Christians want celebrities to be Christians so bad. Is it because we care about their soul or because we want to brag about it? Austin then talks about the Christian Baker Jack Phillips Being Compared to Nazis in the Holocaust, a teacher in a public school reading a Poem Comparing God to a Mythical Unicorn. And Bart pops in.

Wednesday - 9/6/17

On today's program Austin talks about Lecrae And Why He Nearly Left Christianity and Contemplated Suicide, This Week in Christian History: Mother Teresa, Harvard and Founding of the Sunday School Society, And If The Nashville Statement Is Biblical But Lacks Pastoral Wisdom and Further Alienates LGBT Persons. Bart pops in and Austin asks him if it's ok to pray that Donald Trump would be killed because people are using the Bible to pray for that.


Friday - 8/25/17 - The Year Of The Water Pig

On today's program Austin celebrates his birthday. he finds out that he was born in the Chinese year of the Water Pig and is extremely disappointed it wasn't something cool like dragon. But, it turns out that he has things in common with the water pig. Austin shares some stories about how he started stand-up comedy. He also talks on the phone with Jarell and even his wife. Then Bart pops in and also talks to his wife.

Friday - 8/18/17

On today's program Austin talks about the upcoming Total Eclipse Of The Sun and then drops some knowledge about three very successful power ballads and their one key ingredient. Austin then talks about how Christianity is spreading in North Korea and undermining Kim Jun Un reign and how people are getting the Gospel into the Country. He then plays audio of a 9 year old boy with down syndrome jamming out to Whitney Houston that melts his heart and then tells about how Iceland is aborting all their babies with Down Syndrome which breaks his heart. And he finish's the show by talking about how disgusting racism is.

Wednesday - 8/16/17

On today's program Austin's previous General Manager of KCRO Greg Vogt is in the studio. His last day was yesterday and he came by today to say goodbye and to tell some stories from his life. After Greg leaves Austin talks about a City that estimated park stairs would cost $65K-$150K; man builds them for $550, and a Widower who seeks love with messages in bottles.