Friday - 3/15/18

Today on The AAP;

  • Can Christians learn things from people who aren't Christians? e.g. Stephen Hawking 
  • Is the Media trying to silence Christians politically by using Stormy Daniels?
  • If you don't like the movie 'Wrinkle Of Time' does that make you racist?
  • Austin, Bart, and Matt talk about Conspiracies and Bible Verse Matthew 26:3-5

Thursday - 3/15/18

Today on The AAP;

  • Toys-R-Us is closing and all will be left is memories
  • It's not wrong to assume there may be a conspiracy if information about an event does not add up; Austin talks about how King David conspired to kill one of his men
  • Austin talks to Jarell about people thinking Wakanda is a real place and Donald Trump saying Mexicans are good climbers
  • Bart and Hook pop in to talk about Bible Verse — Acts 4:10-12

Thursday - 2/22/18 - Billy Graham, His Life, Death And His Legacy

Today on The AAP, Jarell joins Austin and they talk about;

  • Sweet jumps they use to hit on their sleds and bikes
  • Jarell brought 26 kids to see Black Panther sending the Movie Theater employees into pure panic
  • Billy Graham, his death and his legacy
  • Bart and Pastor Hook pop in to talk about The Bible Verse Of The Day — 1 John 4:18

Wednesday - 2/21/18

Today on The AAP, Austin has Allen Stevenson on to talk about an upcoming Poetry event and to share some of his poetry. Then Austin talks about;

  • Jim Bakker and his obsession with the end of the world and selling you doomsday products
  • Drug Cartels are now focusing on selling heroin since marijuana is now legalized in several states
  • Bart and Bob Ireland join Austin to talk about — Romans 13:9-10