The Truth About The Paris Climate Accord

The people who want to save the planet from Global Warming are all rich white men who have investments in green companies and initiatives.

Wanting to save the planet from Global Warming is very racist.
Apart from being incredibly racist, the Climate Accord would essentially have zero environmental benefits. We are talking about spending trillions of dollars, and sacrificing millions of jobs, to reduce the average global temperature in the year 2100 by 0.17 degrees.

America would contribute 0.015 degrees to that total reduction, spending more than $600 billion globally per year to hypothetically nudge the temperature down by a nearly undetectable amount.

And say we achieved this “Monumental” feat. Say after this 83 year multi-trillion dollar delusional quest we reduced the earth’s temperature by a laughable .17 degrees.

And then the very next day the Super Volcano erupted in Yellowstone. Before being smothered to death by the super volcano ash, I would spend my last breaths laughing at man’s prideful audacity that we are in control.

But, you know who wouldn’t be smothered to death by super volcano ash? The rich racist white men who made billions from the Paris Accord, for they would be secure in their fortified bunkers breathing freshly captured Himalayan purified air as the earth cleansed itself of the undesirables.

We all love to be all self-righteous on Facebook and post about how compassionate we are. It makes us feel good about ourselves. It makes us feel better than those "other people" who don't have compassion like we have compassion.

How many of us who "love the earth" and want to "save the planet" do anything in our own power and individual lives to do so? How many people give up a Saturday to walk around their neighborhood, community, town and city picking up trash? How many people never liter, and recycle everything?

If all the passion to save the planet were authentic there would be a noticble differnce. There would not be trash everywhere, graffti on our buildings and used condoms in our parks.

Truthfully all this can be summed up with one sentence;

Most people don't even flush after taking a dump in a public restroom.

The Black Ninja

I made this book in 1992, the 4th grade. Nowadays kids get suspended for biting their pop tarts into the shape of a gun. If a kid were to make this book today in school they would no doubt be expelled, sent to a psychiatrist and put on meds.

But, this was a time of logic and reason, when the teachers knew I was just a boy, and boys naturally like to fight. They like guns, swords, knives and adventure.

My favorite part of the book is where I throw Bill Clinton off a cliff.